WHO IS KemiRaw?

KemiRaw is chemical materials and petrochemicals trading company. We have more than 150 materials that cover many sectors like pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and veterinary industries, medical, Water purification, printing field, and many other sectors.

▰ We representing a lot of leading international companies in production raw materials.

▰ we also offer a wide range of medical equipment’s.

▰ Besides doing commercial mediation and general trade.


▰ We start our activity from Damascus in 2004, in short time we become good choice for the clients because of good reputation, diversity of source and quality of materials.

▰ 2012 we opened logistic service office in Dubai to be more closer to our Clint’s in Arabian Gulf and north Africa and meet their needs in short time.

▰ 2013 with AUMAX Germany cooperation we opened a detergent factory in Ethiopia.

▰ 2014 we opened logistic service office in Guangzhou- China.

▰ 2017 with Vision Energy cooperation we supply fertilizers and agricultural materials to the Ministry of Agriculture -IRAQ.

▰ 2018 As a continuation of the ambitious expansion plans, the company opened an office in Istanbul where the company plans to enter the Turkish market and then to the Balkan countries and countries of the former Soviet Union.


We looking for being one of the best and known company working in medical, chemical, raw materials, Pharmaceutical, and general trading. providing the best quality of service, and material with most appropriate prices.


▰ To be first and the best choice in the market.

▰ Provide special service and meet clients needs.

▰ Achieve customer satisfaction in quality and specifications of providing raw materials.

▰ Provide consultancy chemical and petrochemical studies for new product or development the exist one.